10 Ways to Give Back

Looking for ways to give back?  Here are 10 ideas to get you started!

1.  Provide Food – Donate canned goods or funds to your local food bank or pantry.  You could also volunteer your time at a local soup kitchen, such as Neighbors in Need.

2.  Donate clothing and household items – Clothing you rarely wear and pots and pans you never use could be greatly appreciated by a new family.  Thrift stores take in these items and sell them at low prices for families in need. You can donate these items to the Salvation Army, Goodwill, or your local thrift store.

3.  Donate your old cell phone or tablet – Cell Phones for Soldiers. accepts donations of old cell phones and tablets and provides them to soldiers stationed overseas so they can stay in touch with their families.

4.  Donate your old eyeglasses – Several organizations, including Lions International, have programs that recycle eyeglasses and provide them to people in need.

5.  Support veterans – What can you do to support the local veterans in your area?  The Veterans Alliance of Greater Haverhill  works to help homeless veterans in the Merrimack Valley.

6.  Volunteer – The possibilities for volunteering are endless.  Consider using your talents to help out a local nonprofit by giving some of your time and sharing your skills and interests. What do you do in your day job?  Could you help a nonprofit with that task? Some nonprofits simply need people to show up and do simple tasks like washing dishes or serving food.

7.  Help out a neighbor  – Could you do something to help one of your neighbors? Maybe rake a lawn, share a batch of cookies, or just stop by and visit someone who may be lonely?

8.  Give blood – The American Red Cross runs blood drives all throughout the year.  Your blood could help save someone’s life! Find a blood donation event near you here.

9.  Help the homeless – Consider donating food or funds to Emmaus, an organization that provides shelter, food and services for homeless families in our area.

10.  Befriend an animal – If you’re looking for a new pet, consider adopting from an animal shelter.  If you aren’t able to add a new dog or cat to your family, stop by and give the animals some love and attention at your local animal shelter anyway.