5 Tips to Get Ready to Move (Before Looking for Your Dream House)

Are you preparing to find your dream house?  Before you make the giant leap, here are 5 Tips to Get Ready for a Move:

Paper Trail

Organize your important paperwork and put it all in the same place –  things like your passport, personal identification documents, financial documents, insurance papers, college degrees/certificates and medical records. If you take the time to do this NOW, you can just grab the folders on moving day and have everything you need in reach.  It will also help you when it comes time to apply for financing!

Make Some Space

Now is the time to purge your home of things you don’t want, need, or use anymore.  Pack things up to donate to a thrift store, have a yard sale, or give items away to friends.  If you’re storing anyone else’s stuff at your house, give them fair warning and a deadline to stop by and remove their stuff. The less you have to sort through and pack, the better.

Evaluate Your Valuables

Go through your home and put your valuable items, like jewelry, in a safe place. Make an inventory of what you have and where in your house it currently is. This will make it easier to put these items together (and handle them personally) when moving day comes.

Back It Up

It may not seem like a moving task, but having backups of your computer files, photos, cell phone, and any other electronics will be a life-saver if anything happens to your devices during the move. (Oops –  we dropped it and it broke!) You should also ensure that passwords are enabled on all your devices in case anything goes missing during your move. Keep prying eyes OUT of your personal information! The best time to do this is now, before your life gets busy with home-shopping and moving tasks.

Get Pre-Qualified

Before you enter the “house hunting” phase, it’s important to get pre-qualified, so that you know what you can afford, and so that buyers will take your interest and offers more seriously. Let us help you find the mortgage that best fits your needs and budget. Learn about mortgage options today!