Fall Clean Up Before the Holiday Rush

Fall is finally here, and now that the kids are back to school, the holidays are coming right around the corner! Here are some ideas of things you can clean up and clear out now before the holiday rush:


This is synonymous with fall if you have a yard.  Beyond mowing the lawn, there may be leaves to rake, bushes and trees to trim back, and plants to protect before frost and snow arrive. Fall is also a great time to clean out your gutters after the leaves and acorns have fallen.


If you haven’t worn it in 2 years, you’ll likely never wear it again.  If you have a pile of “someday” clothes that are several sizes smaller than you’ve worn in a few years, consider donating those to charity so someone who needs them (and can fit into them now) can enjoy them.

Pull out your fall and winter clothing, jackets, comforters and blankets, and get them ready for the season.  Does anything need a quick refresh from the local drycleaner? Does anything need to be repaired or mended before it can be worn this season? Did your kids grow out of their jackets and you need to plan time to purchase new ones (and donate their old ones)?


As we approach the season of giving and thankfulness, it’s a perfect opportunity to teach your kids how (and why) it’s good to pare down their toys.  It will help them keep their room clean with less clutter, they’ll be able to find their favorite toys faster, and any toys they donate could be loved and cherished by another boy or girl who doesn’t have as many toys and personal belongings.


This is a great time of year to purge any odd kitchen gadgets or utensils that are cluttering your kitchen or cabinet space – but you never seem to use them.  If you haven’t touched a gadget in 3 years, you probably don’t need it. Consider adding it to your next donation batch for your local thrift store.

Aaahh. Won’t it feel nice when your home has a little more space and a little less clutter?  Bring on the holiday rush—you’re ready for it!