FAQ: How Does Regulation D Affect Me?

Regulation D is a federal regulation that only allows 6 electronic transfers from your savings accounts per month.  This federal regulation affects your accounts at Merrimack Valley Credit Union (MVCU) and Bridgewater Credit Union, a division of Merrimack Valley Credit Union, (BCU).

Which transactions are limited?

  • Online banking transfers from your deposit account to another account or a third party
  • Telephone Banking transfers to another account or a third party
  • Overdraft Protection transfers used to cover overdrafts in your MVCU or BCU account
  • Check, draft, point-of-sale debit, or similar orders

Which transactions aren’t limited under Regulation D?

  • Transfers that you perform in person, by mail or through an ATM
  • Transfers used to repay your MVCU or BCU loans and related expenses
  • Withdrawals made in person, by mail, messenger (Example Rep Payee, Attorney-In-Fact, or Custodian etc.) or ATM

How can you avoid exceeding Regulation D limits:

  • Set up recurring payments using your checking account instead of your savings or money market accounts
  • Perform transfers in person, by mail, messenger or ATM

Have questions?

  • Contact Merrimack Valley Credit Union at 800-356-0067
  • Contact Bridgewater Credit Union at 800-897-0343