Graduation Gifts They’ll Love!

School graduations are major milestones. So it makes sense that you’d want to mark the occasion with a memorable, meaningful and useful gift.

For the Middle School Grad

Students heading into 9th grade might appreciate some high quality school supplies for the coming year, such as a backpack that can accommodate a laptop, a flash drive to easily transfer assignments, or a scientific calculator necessary for some classes.  A team sweatshirt or t-shirt from the student’s new high school will get a lot of use at sporting events and other school activities.

For the High School Grad

Jewelry, a special book, a scrapbook of photos, or a journal would all be nice keepsakes for students graduating high school and moving onto new chapters in their lives. They’ll treasure a signed copy or first edition of a favorite novel. You might also consider giving an incoming college freshman some things for dorm living, such as a travel tool kit, or gift cards to buy new linens and other essentials.

College students love being able to save money. There are several creative gifts to help them do that. Pay for your student’s subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime. A gift card to the college or university bookstore is another way to ease the financial burden of higher education.

For the College Grad

College graduates are ready for the real world – you hope! For young adults moving from a dorm room into their first apartment, an upgrade in housewares and décor is in order. When they enter the workforce full time, a career-starting accessory such as a quality laptop bag or leather monogrammed padfolio can help them make good first impressions.