How Does Home Insurance Really Help?

Home insurance is required with most mortgages and provides wide-reaching protection to you and your family. If your house is ever damaged or destroyed, you would still be responsible for making your mortgage payments. Homeowners Insurance helps protect your personal finances and provides peace-of-mind to your family.

Coverage and the amount of compensation you may receive will vary based on your individual policy, and it can provide:

  • funding to repair or rebuild your home if it becomes damaged
  • funding so you can stay in a hotel or other temporary residence while your house is undergoing construction during repairs
  • funding so you can replace your damaged or stolen household goods
  • protection in case someone gets hurt while on your property, possibly paying for medical and legal costs associated with an accident at your home

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The insurance offered is not a deposit of the Credit Union, is not protected by NCUA or any other type of deposit insurance, is not an obligation of or guaranteed by the Credit Union and may be subject to risk.