It’s Never Too Late to go “Back to School”

Did you know it’s truly never too late to go “back to school” and learn something new? There are options in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and even online for adults who are ready to expand their knowledge! 

Most local adult learning centers offer training to earn a high school diploma or equivalency, and English as a Second Language. You can take classes to update your work skills, such as by learning new computer software, or even expand into something totally new, like photography! 

In addition to traditional academic topics, at most centers, you can take classes on a variety of fun topics—such as arts, crafts, music, exercise, cooking, personal development and more! Some adult learning centers offer free classes, while others charge a modest fee for classes.

Adult Learning Centers in NH:

Adult Learning Centers in MA:

Free College Classes for Senior Citizens

Believe it or not, it’s true! There are special programs that allow seniors to take college level classes with free tuition!  Review each program’s details carefully, as there are other fees (such as registration or technology fees) that senior students still need to pay for while attending a tuition-free class.

In Massachusetts, there is a special program for adult residents who are 60 years or older to receive free tuition at a state-supported school in MA. The University of New Hampshire has a similar program for NH residents aged 65 or older.

Free Online Classes – General Education 

Free Online Classes – Special Interest & College Level

  • Class Central –  1,500 classes about: business, computers, art, engineering, health, medicine, math, science, social studies, teaching and more
  • Coursera –  2,700 courses about: business, computers, personal development, information technology, language, math, science, art and more
  • MIT Open Courseware – 2400 courses about: energy, entrepreneurship, environment, programming, life science, and transportation 
  • Open Education powered by Blackboard –  offers classes from major universities on a wide variety of college-level topics
  • Open Learn University –  offers classes in health, education, history, art, language, business, environment, science, math, politics and more
  • Open Up Ed – offers 200 classes in multiple languages 
  • Saylor Academy – some classes can be transferred to other universities for college credit
  • –some classes can be transferred to other universities for college credit 

More Resources

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Financing for Adult Learners

If your back-to-school plans involve going to college, learn about educational loans that can help you manager the costs.