Tips & Tricks to Pay Less for Your New Car

February is a BIG month for car sales!  You’ll find many Presidents’ Day special deals from the auto makers, car dealerships and financial institutions.  Before you shop for your new car, here are some smart strategies to help you drive home with the right car and the best deal!

1. Buy a car before you need a car. If you drive your car until it dies and leaves you stranded, it will not only leave you without money back on a trade in, but it’ll also limit the amount of time you have to research your purchase and financing. 

2. Get pre-approved so you know what you can afford. Just like shopping for a home, shopping for a car is easier when you have a realistic budget in mind. You’ll be able to eliminate some choices, and focus on a few models that meet your needs and your budget. Don’t let the dealership talk you into something outside of your budget. 

3. Shop around and be ready to walk away. You’ll get the dealer’s lowest price just before you walk out the door. It pays to do your research – when you’re well-informed, you’re less likely to over-pay for a car with all types of features you may not need. Start your search online from the comfort of your couch with Groovecar, the smart online tool for car buying.  GrooveCar is free, and allows you to search for new or used cars, compare vehicles by make, model and price, and even request a quote and trade-in value.

4. Are you ok with not having the latest bells & whistles? If yes, look at new AND used cars. See our blog “New vs. Used: The Car Buying Debate for more info. 

5. Don’t share too much with the salesperson. Keep it simple and focus on one thing at a time.  The more they know, the easier it is for them to manipulate the numbers.  Keep information about your trade in and where you plan on financing to yourself until you’ve settled on a price. 

6. Don’t buy the add-ons at the dealership. Extended warranties and protections plans are usually overpriced. Explore GAP insurance and debt protection with your lender, such as MVCU. 

7. Bring a trusted Auto Advisor with you. They can help you save time and money during the car-shopping process. They’ll help you find your car, arrange the test drive, and even negotiate for you. 

More Tips & Tricks

Learn some behind the scenes tips & tricks about buying a car, dealer financing, and leasing cautions in short videos on our YouTube channel!

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