You CRUSHED Senior Year…Now What?

You could spend this summer between high school and college vegging out, or you could use the next few months to get ahead. Here are 3 tips for making the most of this special summer:

1. Strengthen your heath

Establishing healthy eating, sleeping and exercise habits NOW, while you have a more flexible schedule is a good way to prepare for college life.  The “Freshman 15” (gaining 15 pounds Freshman year) is a reality for many new college students as they sleep less, move less, and eat unhealthier convenience foods.  Get a jump on protecting your body by establishing healthy habits now.

2. Build your finances

Hopefully, you’ve picked up a job for the summer to earn some extra cash.  This will give you additional spending money for college or could help pay down some of your upcoming student loans. This summer is also a good time to learn how to track your spending and live within a budget. These are skills you’ll use the rest of your adult life!  Learn more about budgeting here!

This is also the best time to start building your credit.  You will likely need a good credit score in upcoming years when you buy a car, rent an apartment, or purchase a home—get started now! Learn about student banking here:

3. Try new experiences

All work and no fun is….well, no fun!  Spend some time this summer expanding your horizons and exploring new experiences.  Whether it’s a road trip to see something new, taking an arts/crafts class, or volunteering with a nonprofit, you have a few months to get out there and do something different.